Fly fishing and Light Tackle Spinning in the waters of Stuart, Florida.

Our Season

How The Season Goes


     This month you can find Redfish, Trout, Pompano, as well as Jacks, Bluefish and Ladyfish in the shallows and flats. Some bigger Reds and Trout are in the grassflats as well. Offshore the chance at some larger Jacks as well as Spanish Mackerel and False Albacore exists, as long as the winds stay down.


      Pompano fishing on the flats can really heat up this time of year and can be a blast on a 7 or 8 weight, or if you choose light spinning. The Trout,Snook, and Redfish are available on the grass flats as well and the fly fishing can be superb.  Offshore the biggest of Jacks start to show up and if the weather(wind) allows, can make for some exciting fishing. Spanish Mackerel and False Albacore are also in the mix.


       The flats have Trout, Redfish, and Snook, as well as Pompano, Bluefish and Ladyfish. The Snook population and size increases around the docks and bridges with early morning and late evening increasing the odds . Offshore the possibility of Cobia is added to the mix as well as the Big Jacks, Spanish Mackerel, and False Albacore.


     With the coming of spring the winds should subside a bit offering up new opportunities for casting topwater with the fly or spin to very large Jacks found in increasingly larger schools along the coast. Fishing remains very good on the flats with the usual suspects of Reds, Trout, Snook, Pompano, and also Ladyfish, Bluefish, and Jacks.  This is the month to anticipate the arrival of small Tarpon as well.


     May offers up some very good fishing inshore for Snook fishing along structure and the mangroves, as well as smaller ones on the flats mixed in with Trout, Ladyfish,Pompano, and Reds.  Numbers and size of Tarpon are on the increase and can be found along the outer beaches, inlets, and often between schools of large Jacks.


     June offers up some outstanding snook fishing, particularly around the inlet as well as the docks and bridges. Tarpon fishing is at its peak with large fish over 100 lbs. often in substantial groups and available for fly and spin. Cobia may be encountered as well as Albies, large Jacks and possibly Permit.  The flats continue to produce goodfishing for Trout and Redfish.


     With the warming waters the summer season offers so many great options. The flats have many redfish as well as trout, with early morning being the best chances at casting to active schools.  Snook can be found as well both on the flats and  around the docks, bridges, and mangroves. Bonefishing the bare sand flats is also a option. Tarpon fishing is in high gear with large fish found on the beaches and inlets, and smaller ones in the rivers. Cobia, permit, and a whole host of others just offshore are available on what is usually very nice conditions this time of year.


     The dog days of summer dictate early morning trips as the midday can be too hot on the flats for active fish or fisherman, but those who venture early can be rewarded some outstanding fishing for Redfish and Trout, as well as Snook. Bonefish are also a possibility. The Tarpon can be found throughout the rivers and along the outer beaches. Permit, Jacks, Albies, and  cobia can also be found just offshore


     September can bring great fishing to the area, particularly when the fall mullet run begins. Trout and Redfish are active on the flats, as well as Snook and Jacks and Bonefish. Tarpon will be feeding in the rivers,inlets, and along the outer beaches.  Offshore species remain numerous provided sea conditions allow.


     The  flats fishing this month has Trout and Redfish to offer. Jacks and Ladyfish as well will be chasing mullet schools around. Small Tarpon can be found in the rivers. The Snook fishing at dusk and dawn can be outstanding.  Tarpon along the beach as well as Snook in the surf wash.


     Flatsfishing in  this month has Trout and Redfish to offer as well as Jacks, Ladyfish, and Bluefish. The Tarpon fishing begins to fall off although usually some  smaller fish still frequent the rivers. False Albacore offshore can be outstanding and large.


     The Pompano usually start showing up this month and can be a lot of fun on light fly or spin tackle on the flats. Other flats residents include Trout and Redfish. Large Ladyfish as well as Jacks and Bluefish inhabit the shallows as well.  Some Snook are around the flats but most will be found around the bridges and docks, as well as mangroves.  Offshore the larger Jacks should be starting to show up. False Albacore as well.