Fly fishing and Light Tackle Spinning in the waters of Stuart, Florida.

Our Boats

Our Boats

Bevertail B2 SkiffIt has been said that no boat can "do it all" but rest assured, the two we offer will surpass all of your needs for whatever type of charter you select.

Bevertail B2 Skiff (G.T.)

The Beavertail is a shallow water, sight fishing dream machine. Able to be poled silently into rediculously skinny water., the endless varieties of shallow water gamefish won't have a clue to your presence. Limited to a 1 or 2 anglers, this boat will fulfill your wildest shallow water dreams as you gaze upon the grass and sand flats. Experience the thrill of the hunt!

Jones Brother Model 1910 LT (Good Times)

The Jones Brother is a 20 foot center console, built to handle heavier water while still offering a great work platform for fly or spin fishing. It offers open decks fore and aft, a snagfree interior, with room for up to 3 anglers and all their gear. MORE INFORMATION